PhD and Postdoc positions

Open PHD positions in Programming Languages at ANU

I am looking for PhD students for fully funded research positions at the Australian National University. The research topic is flexible, so long as I can reasonably advise it. You can see the kind of work I am interested in in my publications; you may also look at my ideas for future work in my Research Statement. The ANU Computing Foundations Cluster has a large number of people with overlapping interests and who we could collaborate with; there is a particularly close match with Alex Potanin, who is also looking for students and postdocs - if you send any one of us an e-mail, you might just want to send it to both of us at once.

In order to start a PhD, you will need to have sufficient knowledge of programming language theory and/or implementation techniques to write a reasonable resarch proposal. For self-assessment purposes, this means that you know how to do proofs of progress and preservation for a given language definition, and how to write a basic compiler or a least interpreter. You should also have working knowledge of topics covered in typical higher-level undergraduate algorithms and systems courses.

I am generally happy to schedule zoom meetings to talk about potentially working together. Just send me an e-mail to [firstname].[lastname][preposition] to set it up. Please include some basic information about yourself (attaching a CV or Resume works well) and an indication of what kind of project you would be interested to work on - a sentence or two is completely sufficient, but you can also provide more details if you'd like.

For PhD student positions, if you are already applying at US-style institutions, you can also just send me your application materials (including the contact for at least one reference) without further comment, and I will contact you if I think it makes sense for us to talk further.

Open one-year postdoc position in Programming Languages at ANU

I am looking for a postdoc to collaborate with at ANU for one year. The precise research topic is flexible, so long as it falls within an area of common interest and expertise. Please contact me to schedule a zoom call about the details.